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Total Drama Fans vs Favourites is a fan made season made by DXG4Ever. This season includes returning characters Heather, Alejandro, Zoey, Scott, Sky, Sugar and Shawn. The new characters are Mike, Tom, Molly, Tristan, Collin, Jake and Sonia. It also contains 13 episodes and the team names are the Fantastic Fans and the Famous Favourites and it shall take place on Camp Pahkatew but the elimination that will send the teenagers home this year is the Slingshot of Shame.

Episodes Edit

Episode 1 - Clash of Fans - Chris welcomes you to a brand new season he talks about the changes for this year. He then proceeds to introduce the cast of new contestants dropped off by helicopter and brings the veteran contestants they had chosen, Mike didn't get his 1st choice Duncan because in Total Drama All-Stars he was arrested but got his 2nd choice Alejandro. after wards Chris makes the team names The Fantastic Fans and Famous Favourites and explains the changes around the island. than he introduces the first challenge of the season called The Mclean Obstacle Course as Chris said he would like to start out with. In the end The Famous Favourites win hot dogs for dinner and then Mike gets on the chopping block for bringing back Alejandro and Collin was as well because he didn't help in the team in the end Collin was eliminated and he was last seen taking the Slingshot of Shame's debut.

Episode 2 - Wet n' Wipeout -

Episode 3 - Sniper Rifle Pain-ball -

Episode 4 - Sweat Nightmares -

Episode 5 - Snack Shack Attack -

Episode 6 - Human Wrecking Ball -

Episode 7 - Test of Inkillagents -

Episode 8 - Love is Pain -

Episode 9 - Eat it or bust -

Episode 10 - Hide and Zeek -

Episode 11 - The not so Amazing Race -

Episode 12 - All Punched Out -

Episode 13 - Fan-tastic Finale - A player will get the grand prize of $1 Million Dollars