The Teams Report is the seventh episode of the first season of Total Drama School. Below is the episode's "script" - please add in your character's introduction and other actions. You may only control your characters, and others' with permission.

(Disclaimer; Theme Song)

(SCENE: Dormitories. The classmates are just waking up.) (Justin wakes up first)

Justin: (wakes up Duncan) wake up juvie boy!!!

Duncan: whatt?

Justin: remember when you said you were gonna repay me for eliminating gwen?

Duncan: What? I dont do nice things for people!

Justin: OK. im fine with that. But how do you feel about being eliminated?

Duncan: fine. What do you want me to do

Justin: oh nothing big. just join my allience and vote off who ever I say!!!

Duncan: fine ill do it!

Ezekiel; (stretching) Morning everybody!

Izzy: (CONF) I probably shouldn't tell anyone that most of the eliminated contestants will vote for Bridgette in a vote. I want her to win too! Sorta.....

Alan: (Confessional) You know I feel bad voting so many people off for the alliance, you know, maybe I'm being unfair. I mean sure I might get eliminated, but a lot of the cool people are gone...

Ezekiel: (gets up, opens his bag from home and grabs a granola bar) I slept great! I can't believe I'm still in the game, I might actually win!

Heather: (CONF)- (crosses finger across neck) In your dreams, redneck.

Justin: (in conf) Ezekiel, win! Thats the funniest joke ive heard since they cancelled Chris Rock. But I know just how to win or make my alliance bigger than Duncan, make friend-friends with Zeke-Zeke

Alan: (wakes up) Zeke, man, what's up?

Ezekiel: Mornin' Al! How'd elimination go?

Alan: (quietly) Gwen's gone. Feel kinda bad, you seen Cody? He's kinda torn up.

Ezekiel: You never know man, she can come back. Chris always pulls screwy stuff, eh!

(goes to Cody in the bedroom)

Cody: *sigh* (in confessional) I can't believe Gwen's gone. *sigh*

Justin: Its ok Cody, you have to keep moving forward! One elimination cant hold you back!

Justin: Hey Zeke! Your looking eespecially hansome this morning!

Justin: (in conf) make friend-friends with zeke-zeke...

Ezekiel: Oh, hey Justin, how's it going?

Justin: so i was thinking... you could use some help, i mean you know scince all the girls, and Eva hate you

Ezekiel: Yeah... cept Heather's been sorta nice... but , I could use some help...

Alan: Did someone say girls?

Izzy: (to herself) don't tell anyone that bridgette is popular izzy don't do it!

Justin: Alan! I can help you too, I'll give you some advice on what to wear and how to talk to girls you know, scince I am Justin!

Justin: (in conf) The more the merrier! But I don't know who to take down... enie mine minie Duncon! So I guess he's gone, LATER!!! now I need to work on getting Thing 1 and Thing 2 for a girl to like them. Ohhhhh I need an alliance... the things i do for a million...

Alan: Heck Yeah! Sounds like a deal.

Ezekiel: I'm in, too.

Justin: ok heres what you do, Put on this (hands him colone) this (hands him make up) and this (hands him a bottle that says "chick magnet") It's a one of a kind this is what I put on tho look good every day. Test it on Sadie and Bridgette.

Alan: Sure! (grabs it and runs off.)

Ezekiel: Thanks. (follows Alan at a regular pace, far less excited.)

Ezekiel: (CONF) Justin's helping us? Eh, maybe he's changed? I guess I don't have a reason not to trust him... and hey, alliances are useful, right?

Justin: (CONF) I only trick and destroy my enemies. Alan and Zeke... are not my enemies... But I still do use my original cunning techniques to win!

Justin: screams* good luck!!!!

Alan: Thanks! (already squirting on a bit of cologne.)

izzy: (thinking something important)

Ezekiel: (stopping for a moment.) You okay, Izzy?

Heather: (walks up to Justin) You better leave Ezekiel alone! I've been watching you, and you've been trying to get him in an alliance! You better stop that! (looks around) I'll be watching you.

Justin: Stalker.....

Izzy: ITs just that....wellllllllllllll. I shouldn't be telling anyone buuuuut.....Bridgette will win if she makes it to the merge because she aligned with Noah and is popular with the eliminated contestants. (GASPS and realizes she said it to her whole team)

Ezekiel: ...Bridgette and Noah? I figured people'd want Bridge to win she's cool, but... kinda unexpected alliance.

Justin: Bridgette is so nice and sweet I would be broken if she was eliminated...

Justin: *in conf* Considering bridgette is my girlfriend, I will protect her always! and if she makes it to the finals I will! Ahhhh love comes in handy and makes you happy

Duncan: (to zeke) Yo join Justin's allience! We need more members!

Ezekiel: Already have.

Noah: Uh Oh........(CONF) Bridgette...the deals off. you are on your own. say good bye to winning this game!

Justin: (heres noah's plans) listen, book brain, your not going to eliminate Bridgette, or if you do, say bye bye to the case!

Bridgette:*walks in* *to Justin* hello, hansome!

Justin: hello bridge!

Chris: ok wake up students! its time to decide the challenge!

Tyler: you mean you havent decided?

Chris: who cares! I was gonna hurt you anyway!

Sadie: yeeeaahhhhhhhhhhh, he probably was

Ezekiel: Oh no, what is it? (Everyone gathers, aside Alan, who's missing.)

Heather: (being sarcastic) Don't tell me? We're doing reports?

Harold: That would totally cool and fit in with my mad skills!

Eva: You have no skills, nerd.

Harold: (hangs his head) I know.

Alan: (walks back out, wearing the perfume, etc. that Justin had given him) Let's see if this works...

Sadie: Alan? You smell... amazing! I think i love you!

Alan: Thanks Sadie! (smirks and turns in the direction of another girl)

Cody: So we have to find some random news story and report it to you?

Chris: Yep!

LeShawna: Okay.....(sees Alan) oh no you dont (slaps him)

Lindsay: oooooho perfume (hugs alan)

Tyler: Dude, you kinda smell awesome!

Bridgette: Like an angel from heaven...

Alan: (smirks) Thanks! (unphased by the slap)

Duncan: Heey you smell pretty good

Alan: (CONF) It's ACTUALLY working! I can't believe it! Justin is my new God.

Ezekiel: News report, eh? Like real news stories or made up?

Sadie: Eziekiel, you dont smell bad yourself either.

Lindsay: yeah not bad...

Ezekiel: Heh, thanks girls. (Glad girls aren't trying to kill him for once.)

Justin: (to Alan) so I see the perfume is working...

Justin: (says loud so Heather can hear) IM GLAD YOU LIKE IT!!!!

Heather: (rolls eyes)

Justin: its working, right?

Heather: Nope.


Justin tells Heather to stay out of is buissness

Justin: look! You are not friendly with anyone! You just use people as pawns and have no friendship what so ever! I cant believe your still here!

Justin: (in conf) Heather is a useless pussycat who cant make friends with anyone! I have a whole fan blog about how much friends I have!!!! *whispers* jealous...

Heather: (Confessional) How many friends he has? More like how many sluts he knows!

Justin: stay out of my buissness! this is my game!

Alan: Thanks Justin! (smirks before turning back to the ladies)