Not Quite 6Teen is the fifth episode of the first season of Total Drama School. Below is the episode's "script" - please add in your character's introduction and other actions. You may only control your characters, and others' with permission.

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(SCENE: Dormitories. The classmates are just waking up.)

Cody: Hey Gwen, you want to, you know... hang out?

Gwen: (pulls Cody somewhere private) Well uh, I was thinking about that and uh, I broke up with Duncan.

Cody: Really?!

Gwen: Yeah and I was thinking about how nice you were to me in Total Drama World Tour and I decided... Yes. I'll go out with you.

Cody: Really?! YES! (in confessional) I can't believe Gwen said yes! But I think that it would be best not to tell anyone. But this is the best day of my life!

Duncan:(In Confessional) Gwen Broke up with me she is now officialy My New Ex-Bi***

Heather: (In Confessional) So Gwen dumped Duncan? Oh this is too good.

(Somewhere else)

Noah: Hey Lindsay, you were trying to tell me something earlier....what is it.

Lindsay: I was? (thinks for a while until a book hits her on the head). Oh Yea! I know how to solve your Izzy problem!

Noah: You Do?!?!

Lindsay: yea but it's not easy. You have to (whispers in Noah's ear)


Noah: (In the dormitories by Izzy's bed) Hey Izzy I have a surprise for you! It's a bag! (stuffs Izzy in a bag)

Ezekiel: Izzy's birthday's today? I didn't even get her a present, man!

Cody: Uh, no Ezekiel. It's not her birthday. Do you know what she would do if it was her birthday?! I was at her last party! She dumped marshmallow sauce on us, then she tried to light fireworks inside! And that wasn't even the worst that happened at Izzy's birthday party!

Justin: yeahhhhhhh... you got screwed!


Izzy's last birthday party


Noah: well i left the bag inside but i guess i should start digging that hole now.....(starts digging)

Lindsay: See i told you this would work!

LeShawna: (CONF) I probably shouldn't get into their buisness, but no body should trust Lindsay.

Ezekiel: Lindsay told you to bury Izzy in a hole?

Alan: That's either brilliant or insane.

Lindsay; I am a smart cookie.

Noah: well dont get your hopes high, i still have to put Izzy in the hole.

Lindsay: Well then i am going to brush my hair (sings and runs to girls dorm)

Alan: See you later! (waves as Lindsay leaves) Well, smart or not, at least she's sane. Wonder if she's-

Ezekiel: Don't even say it... good luck with Izzy, Noah.

Chris: Okay then challenge time!

Noah: Ill catch up, i have some work to do.

Chris: Okay then..... (leaves with most campers.) Today's challenge is to dress up like the elderly.....Good luck with that! (leaves)

Trent: This will be easy! right LeShawna...LeShawna? LeShawna? LESHAWNA?!?!?!?!? (searches for her)

Justin: (in confessional) while Duncan and Cody argue over gwen, and Trent looks for princess 'tude, I have time to throw Gwen off her game while shes being ripped apart. And trust me she'll leave. tonight. and that will make cody upset. So, hell throw the challenge and its victory! ha, classic

Tyler: dude! focus on the challenge! who cares where leshawna is! shes probably in a bank vault or something

Trent: (somewhere compelty lost) LeShawna, LeShawna? Where is she? (walks onto a trap door and falls through the floor) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Chris: (watching and enjoyinf Trent's mistake) Yea we probably should have warned the contestants that there are trapdoors everywhere in the school since this place used to be a magic studio.....But that was Sweet!

Ezekiel: (calling up) Trent! You okay, man?

Justin: Trent...Trent? yu, yu, you ok? uhhh is um every-everything alright?

Tyler: I told you to focus! At least im not the one getting hur- (falls through trap door)


Justin: Well... no surprise there.

Trent: ohh i think Tyler landed on me......i think i broke something.

Justin: hang in there trent!

Chris; attention all contestants....The challenge has have five minutes to prepare so hurry!

Trent: Leave me here.....(CONF) Okay so after the producers got me out of the hole i started thinking that with my broken leg i am hopless...Tyler you are going down!

Tyler: (falling again) help me! im going down!!!!!!!!!!

Cody: (in conf) Did you know... I made out with Gwen?

Duncan: (barges in the confesional) you what? Thats it your gonna pay you little---

Duncan: (talking to himself) That little turd is gonna pay!!!!!

Justin: (over hears him) hmmmm...

Justin: in (conf.) I think its time to start an allience and I know just the way..

Justin: so you wanna, get "this little turd" right?

Duncan: Yeah and bad!!!

Justin: say what, illl get rid of goth girl gwen, throw cody off his game and let you, bully him.

Duncan: you can do that?

Justin: Just one thing. You have to repay me by doing anything. just one thing. but i tell you what it is!

Duncan: hmmmm alright but im not kissing anyone ok!

Justin: no problem dont have to.

Justin: (in conf) Allience set and match. and gwen will leave you just sit back and watch!!!

Cody: Here! I'm in my elderly costume!

Gwen: And so am I.

Izzy: Awww a cute couple!

Intern: Hey izzy....Werent you in a bag like five seconds ago (turns his head and Izzy is gone) Now thats creepy!

(Somewhere else...)

(Noah): Okay say good bye Izzy....(throws bag in hole and starts throwing dirt over it) This will end this once and for all (CONF) I probably should have realized i was killing her...But she's Izzy! What else was i supposed to do?

(earth rumbles)


(runs away)

Izzy: ROAR (chases after him with chainsaw.) Chicken tastes best slaughtered!

Noah: (CONF) okay i didnt realize this before but all those times she bit my arm....SHe was TRYING TO EAT ME!!!!!!!

(Izzy and Noah run all over campus)

LeShawna: (stares in shock) okayyyyy then.....

(Alan and Ezekiel are out elderly by Cody and Gwen)

Alan: I bet I still look great as a old dude (laughs)