Killer Teachers
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated TDS:TBA
Relationship N/A
Family Unknown
Friends Almost Everyone (Except Enemies)
Enemies Izzy, Courtney, Alejandro, Beth
Fear N/A
Talent Getting good grades at school
Nicknames Noa, Noah-it-all, Know-it-all
Voice actor Aimers

Noah is a contestant in Total Drama School. He is a member of the Killer Teachers.

In Meet Our Students Part 1, Noah gets off the bus after Izy blows it up. He gets mad at her but later forgives her. He forms an alliance with Trent and later admits in a confessional hat he is glad he is not on the same team as Izzy. His team wins and he is gld is safe.

In Meet Our Students Part 2, he is hiding so Izzy won't attack him but is eventually found when hr sneezes. Izzy starts biting his arm until LeShawna saves him. Later, Noah accidentally trips and lands on LeShawna which angers her, he offers to help her vote for whoever she wants if he oesn't beat him up. She agrees and tells him of a plan to eliminate Alejandro for being evil. Their team loses the challenge and Noah and Trent go along with eliminating Alejandro.

In Is This Some Kind of Joke?, Noah has trouble telling a joke for the challenge because Izzy, who follows him everywhere, was biting his arm. He admits in a confessional that Izzy has got to go when he has a chance. In the end, his joke along with a couple more cause their team to win and Noah finally gets Izzy off of his arm when she has to go and vote.

In Detention Day, Noah wakes up and realizes that Courtney was eliminated. He jumps for joy as in a flashback, it shows Courtney telling His team to vote him off. Noah decides to sneak away from the school with Trent to get smoothies at a nearby place and accidentally miss the challenge. However, their team wins and Noah is spared from the wrath of LeShawna. However, he and LeShawna the create a pact when he threatens her by telling her he will tell the team some of her secrets.

In Not Quite 6Teen, Noah tells Lindsay about his problem with Izzy so she tells him to tie her up and throw her in a hole. Noah attempts to do so but Izzy realizes what is happening and attacks him with a chainsaw. They spend the rest of the episode running around the entire campus.

In, The Teams Report, Noah is mad at Lindsay about the previous Izzy incident but decides on forgiving her since Izzy is extremley crazy. Trent gave him advice that maybe Izzy was trying to learn the teams secrets so he decided to go into hiding for the episode. From his hiding spot, he was able to complete the challenge and help his team win. He was suprised that Bridgette went home since he remembered telling Izzy that Bridgette was his good friend. Realizing this, Noah decided to keep a closer eye on Izzy to see what she was up to.

In Our First Field Trip, noah was shocked that most of his team decided not to go to the museum which worried him about their chances in the challenge. He secretly made an alliance with Heather but admitted in a confessional that he is unsure if he should trust her. Later when his team loses the challenge, he goes along with her and votes out Tyler. Noah then realizes that Izzy did not bother him the entire day and became even more suspicious of what she was up to.


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