Mr. Coconut
Killer Teachers
Gender Male
Hair color Green(Leaves)
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated TDS: ???
Place TDS: ???
Relationship Beth
Family Owen (father) Izzy (adoptive mother) Unidentified Coconut Tree (biological mother)
Friends Owen, Cody, Duncon, Chris
Enemies Ezekiel
Fear Chef, knives, sharp items
Talent Unknown
Nicknames Coconut
Voice actor JohnVMaster

Mr. Coconut, labeled The Silent Genuis was a contestant in Total Drama School and member of the Killer Teachers.


Mr. Coconut was an average coconut, until one day his island home was disturbed by Owen, who drew a face on him and declared him 'Mr. Coconut'. He joined his surrogate father, Heather, Duncan and Gwen in the challenge, but ultimately was voted off by the contestants. Mr. Coconut walked the Dock of Shame and was retrieved and cut apart by Chef and used by Chris as a souvenir cup before being forgotten until...

Total Drama SchoolEdit

In "Meet Our Students Part 1", Ezekiel accidentally steps on a half of a coconut in the Killer Teachers' dormitory, but thinks nothing of it. Beth seems to care for the well being of it and takes it away. She says hell be safe with her.

In "The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round...", Duncon finds Mr. Coconut's remains in the hall and brings them on the bus to question Chris, but forgets about them. Ezekiel finds them and brings them to the elimination ceremony and Chris announces Duncon's elimination, Mr. Coconut was then relieved.


  • Mr. Coconut does not speak once in the entire series.