Meet Our Students Part 1 is the first episode of Total Drama School. Below is the episode's "script" - please add in your character's introduction and other actions. You may only control your characters.

(Disclaimer; Theme Song)

(SCENE: The Total Drama School Bus pulls up in front of the 'school', the door opening as Ezekiel walks down.)

Ezekiel: Whoo! This is gonna be my season, I just know it! (something trips him down.)

Alan: Sorry dude. (They get up and brush themselves off.) Don't believe we've met. I'm Alan. (Ezekiel shakes his hand.)

Ezekiel: The name's Ezekiel.

Alan: Pleased to meetcha dude!

(Justin steps off bus, and Sadie and Bridgette gush over him)

Sadie: Wow, your...

Justin: I'm Justin! (talking to Tyler as he steps off the bus) Who are you?

Tyler: The name's... (trips and falls) Tyler

Sadie: I'm, I'm, I'm... Hunkie... I mean SADIE!!! Ohhhh....

Bridgette: And I'm Bridgette! But you can call me Bridge.

Justin: Nice to meet you ladies!

Tyler: Yeah nice to... (trips and falls again) meet you...

(Owen steps off the bus)

Owen: WOOOHOOO! A new season that takes place at a school! Awesome!... Will there be any learning?

Chris: As if!

(Cody steps off the bus)

Cody: Hey everybody! Cody's in the house!

Ezekiel: Cody! Watcha been up to, man?

Katie: EEEEE i can't believe i'm here and iam so glad sadie is not my best friend anymore she was holding me back

Sadie: (slaps Katie) me too!

(bus explodes)

All students off bus: whoa

(Izzy falls from sky)

Izzy: Hey guys I'm Izzy and i loooooove explosions!!!

(Noah pulls himself and Trent out of bus debris.)

Noah: Yea like we didn't alreay know that.

(Lindsay appears)

Lindsay: Really? i think i did know that

Trent: He was being sarcastic.

Lindsay: Is that a country in Asia???

(LeShawna falls from sky onto Tyler)

LeShawna: What's up y'all Leshawna is here!

Tyler: i think you dislocated something....

LeShawna: ooh sorry honey.

Izzy: Hey i can fix that just need to pop it into place.

(Izzy grabs Tyler's leg)


Tyler: oooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Everyone: ooooooooooohh.

Tyler: Hey it actually feels better! Thanks Izzy!

Izzy: Really? I had no idea what i was doing. i could have permanently broke your leg!

(Tyler backs away from her)

Justin: So do we get make up?

Lindsay: ohhhh! Make up!

(Gwen stumbles out of the bus)

Gwen: Uh, guys? You just leave me in there when the bus explodes?! Real smooth!

Owen: Oh sorry Gwen! I forgot all about you!

Trent: Hey Gwen, are you okay?

(He smiles at her)

Gwen: What do you think?! (Smacks him in the face)

Alan: (goes by the female contestants) Hello ladies.

Ezekiel: Don't even try, they're moostly taken, eh.

Alan: Darn! My apologies then. (CONF) Crap crap (two bleeps) Son of a (beep)!

(Eva throws a wall of the bus from off of her)

Eva: Of course you would only ask for the boys. Girls aren't important!

(Eva punches Ezekiel in the gut)

Harold: Not a very good idea. You could kill him, gosh!

(Heather emerges out of the bus)

Heather: That's the point, nerd.

Ezekiel: (gripping his gut) Eh, welcome back Eva!

Alan: What's she talking about? Girls are awesome.

Ezekiel: My teachers lied to meh, eh!

Alan: I thought you were home schooled! (Ezekiel straightens himself up)

Ezekiel: That's the point!

Heather: And who are you?

(Heather glares at Alan, with all the hate in the world)

Alan: Alan Brooks, pleasure to meet you. (Ezekiel opens his mouth to warn him but closes it to let Alan learn his lesson himself.)

Noah: (CONF) Seriously? Be nice to Heather? Wow!

Courtney: Um, hello! (walking off the school bus) What about me?

Alan: Hello there. (smirks as he walks over to her) Pleased to meet you.

Courtney: Oh great! More new contestants! Just what we need!

Alan: Hey, relax gorgeous.

Courtney: Put a sock in it you mindless pervert! (walks off)

(Remaining contestants arrive)

Chris: Now that everyone's arrived, we can perform our first challenge! Due to a lawsuit by a certain SOMEONE's parents, we're starting with something easy - make a profile. Put together some pictures, information, some favorites, whatever. Team with all their profiles ready first wins. We've got piles of Total Drama magazine and multiple issues to cut your pictures and letters out of. Good luck!

Courtney: You DESERVED that lawsuit, McLean!

Chris: Also, I'm gonna divide you into two teams. The Killer Teachers and the Screaming Students! The Killer Teachers are, Alejandro, Cody, Duncon, Lindsay, DJ, Duncan, Ezekiel, Geoff, Heather, LeShawna, Noah, Trent, and Tyler. The rest of you are the Screaming Students! Now go!

Chris: Just get to work on the challenge already!

Justin: done!

Chris: What?

Justin: just used my model records!

Chris: ugh!!!!! fine!


Cody: Here's mine!

Owen: And mine! (in confessional) This school stuff is fun!

Gwen: This is the easiest challenge yet. (Gives her's to Chris)

Heather: (Confessional) This is sad. Watching everyone cutting out photos from magazines like they're five years old.

Heather: (Non-Conf, handing in her profile) Here you go!

Chris: How are you done this fast?

Chris asks Justin and Heather how they finished the challenge that fast

Heather: (Confessional) What? I still want to win this thing.

Trent, Lindsay & leShawna: Done! What! Stop! (punch each other)

Noah: I'm done (is tackled by Izzy)

Izzy: I'm Done!!!!!!!

Noah: (CONF) WHy must Izzy hurt me so?????

Eva: Why do all of these pictures have shots of me looking ugly?

Harold: Well, they're really just taking pictures of us at our best.

Eva: Shut it, nerd. You don't know anything about me looking my best.

Harold: (hangs his head) I know.

(Harold and Eva finish their profiles and hand them in)

Courtney: (CONF) Thanks, Mom and Dad! (smirks) This year I'm making it to the top, I just know it!

Courtney: (non-conf; hands in her profile) Piece of cake, McLean.

Ezekiel: (still working on his looking through Total Drama magazine.) Hey, what's Total Drama the Musical?

Chris: (to Chef) These kids are getting this stuff done even faster than we expected...

Sadie: done!

Bridgette: done

Tyler: done! (slips and falls)

Chris: what the heck is this?

Tyler: I dont know, just a crappy drawing of me

Ezekiel: Finished! (hands in a profile to Chris - it's crappy, but it gets the job done technically.)

Chris: And the Killer Teachers win the first challenge!

Killer Teachers: *cheers*

Chris: And the Screaming Students, you're sending someone to the principal's office!

Alan: Crap! Crap crap crap crap crap!

(SCENE: The library. All of the Screaming Students are sitting at desks, Chris at a teacher's desk with a jar of pencils. There's a door open to a hallway.)

Chris: Well, well, it's time for you all to vote someone off in the confessional. You know how it works - you vote, and whoever gets the most must walk the Hall of Shame to the Principal's Office of Losers, never to return! (raises a pencil) This is a pencil. It symbolizes immunity whoever gets the first pencil is still in the game... (narrows eyes) For now. The first pencil goes to... Alan! (tosses Alan a marshmallow; he gobbles it up quickly.)

Alan: I made it!

Chris: The next one goes to... Courtney!

Courtney: (catches and smiles) YES!