Chris makes up different challenges in every episode. When a contestant/team wins, they will win invincibility from Elimination.

List of challenges in Total Drama SchoolEdit

  1. List your favorite food, favorite color, and your favorite drink.
  2. Post a video of your character on DXG4Ever's talk page.
  3. Post a joke on DXG4Ever's talk page.
  4. Make an alternate picture of character, and post it on DXG4Ever's talk page.
  5. Post a picture on DXG4Ever's talk page of your character old.
  6. Post an interesting news story.
  7. Post an interesting fact.
  8. Post a pic of your character in underwear and if it's a girl then add a bra.
  9. Post a pic of the student you want back in the game.
  10. Post a pic of you character dead.
  11. Post a pic of your character in hell.
  12. Post a pic of your character on a school bus.
  13. Draw a pic of your character from scratch.
  14. Post a pic of your character's cellphone.