screaming gophers

screaming gaffers

team vicroy

mutant maggots

Gender Female
Hair color Blonde (dyed)
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated

TDi : that ' of the chain

tda 2008 a space owen

chinese fake -out

truth or losing streek


TDi : 9th

tda : 5th

tdwt : 6th

tdr : 6th

Friends heather beth
Enemies Courtney, Sadie
Nicknames Lind, Lindona, girly, know it all
Voice actor emily osment

Lindsay is a competitor in Total Drama School. She was placed on the Killer Teachers.

In Meet Our Students Part 1, Lindsay gets off the bus and instantly befriends LeShawna. The two work together I the challenge and help their team win. Lindsay later reveals that she really dislikes Courtney for using her lip gloss.

In Meet Our Students Part 2, Lindsay has trouble making a video so Trent helps her. Courtney also tries to help her so she slaps her, causing them to get into a slap fight. Trent breaks them up and tells the other tram to vote out Courtney which they agree on. Lindsay's team ends up losing and she has trouble deciding who to vote for. Alejandro flirts with her so she votes for Ezekiel but Alejandro goes home anyway.

In Is This Some Kind of Joke?, Lindsay gives her team a pep talk so they will win. She reveals that she is trying to get Curtney eliminated. She locks Courtney in a closet and leaves her there for the remainder of the episode. Lindsay's team wins the joke telling contest which causes her to squeal in delight. She then visits the other teams elimination to watch Courtney go home. Courtney is voted off but isn't kicked off the campus until Lindsay realizes she left her in a closet.

In Detention Day, Lindsay and LeShawna go to a spa for relaxation. Right as they finish, they are told that they missed the challenge which angers her. However, they win the challenge and Lindsay admits in a confessional that luck is on her side. She is shocked to see two contestants go home.

In Not Quite 6Teen, Lindsay finds a letter on her bed that tells her to go to the woods. She takes five hours to brush her hair and finally makes it over there. She is creeped out by the dark woods but finds another letter. However, she never opens it because She sees Izzy with a chainsaw and runs away screaming.

In The Teams Report, Lindsay decides to search for the letter in the woods again but gets hopelessly lost and returns back. She decides to keep the letter a secret until she finds out what is going on. In the challenge, Lindsay decided to report on Glinda, a nail polish queen and helped her team win the challenge. She later apologized to Noah for giving him a bad idea for stopping Izzy.

In Our First Field Trip, Lindsay was excited that she could go to a museum, however, she was extremly upset when the bus left without her for the museum when she was brushing her hair. She decides to head back into the woods and manages to find the letter she was looking for. It tells her to eliminate Tyler for her next clue which she decides to do if she gets a chance. later, she finds out that her team lost the challenge and voted off Tyler along with the majority of her team.

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