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100px-TDA DIY Char Leshawna
Gender Female
Hair color Black
episode tdi the very last episode really

TDa who wants to pick a millionaire

tdwt hawaiian punch

tdr truth or losting

tdri heather vs leshawna


tdi 2rd

tda 2rd

tdwt 2rd

tdr 2rd

tdri 2rd

Friends heather harold
Enemies gwen cody lindasy
Fear Izzy
Voice actor Aimers

LeShawna is a competitor in TDS and is on the screaming gophers

In not so happy campers part1, LeShawna befriends Lindsay and is annoyed at Izzy for exploding the bus. However, she doesn't stay mad for long and socializes with everyone. She completes the challenge with Lindsay and is glad her team wins. She is suprised that Beth was eliminated for usually being well liked but shrugs it off and strategizes with Duncan.

LeShawna notices Izzy attacking Noah so she slaps her multiple times. Noah calls her his hero which she appreciates but leaves toget some food. At the cafeteria, she sees Courtney ordering fancier food which annoys her a lot. She reveals in a confessional that she wants Courtney to stop cheating in competitions. Later when she is eating, Noah spills his food on her which upsets her a lot. She forces him into an alliance which he agrees. Later when they lose the challenge, LeShawna along with Duncan and Duncon convince her team to vote off Alejandro for charming them all last season.

In Is This Some Kind of Joke?, LeShawna decided to create some alliances and bonded with Trent and Tyler. She mentioned that she needed as much help as she could get in order to stay in the competition. In the challenge, LeShawna was unable to create a decent joke but her team ended up winning anyway, saving her from elimination. She is glad that Courtney went home for losing the challenge.

In Detention Day, LeShawna decided to go to the spa with Lindsay to celebrate two challenge wins in a row. They bond over this and create a final two alliance but when they return, are confronted by Noah who told them that they missed the challenge. LeShawna notices that he missed it too, so they create a pact not to tell anyone else that they skipped the challenge. Their team won the challenge and everyone was saved.

In Not Quite 6Teen, LeShawna confronted Lindsay about their alliance and was glad to hear that it was still strong. She admits in a confessional that Noah made a mistake by trusting Lindsay for his Izzy problem and is not suprised that the plan fails. She decides to head to the challenge, only to realize that it already ended and her team won. She was sad to see Gwen go home since she was her good friend.

In The Teams Report, LeShawna is pratically invisible throughout the entire episode which she later reveals her doing so since she skipped two challenges. She slaps Alan when he attempts to flirt with her and completes the challenge. However, she is not even with her team when they win the challenge and dissapears for the remainder of the episode.

In Our First Field Trip, LeShawna's attempt at being invisible ends up hurting her when she and many other teamates miss the bus to the musuem. When the contestants return she hides from them since they lost the challenge, but she survives the elimination ceremony when Trent's attempt at throwing the challenge to eliminate Tyler pays off.

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