Screaming Students


Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TDS: Suspense-sion
Place TDS: 20th
Relationship TBA
Family Mom, Dad, Sister
Friends Almost Everyone (Except Enemies)
Enemies Sadie, Alan, Ezekiel, Courtney
Fear Being alone in the woods for too long
Talent Dancing, Singing, Acting
Nicknames Kate, not so BFFL, Kathie
Voice actor Duncanjustin

Katie is a contestant on Total Drama School. She is on the Screaming Students. She also qualified for Total Drama Fans VS. Favorites and was placed on the Fans

In Meet Our Students Part 1, Katie said she loved Pizza, the color Blue and Gatorade. She also spent alot of this episode arguing with Sadie scince they stopped being friends for several reasonsd. Katie made new friends with almost everyone, but didn't like the new kid, Alan. She said he was another Ezekiel and suprizingly, Alan was Ekekiel's best friend.

In Meet Our Students Part 2 Katie started to ding a song that was a part of the challenge. She sang True friend by Hannah Montana, because her and Sadie love that show. Her and Sadie started making up in this episode and stopped arguing, until Sadie brought up her new clothes. Katie said that Sadie always buys clothes for the both of them witch made Katie ticked off. She easily makes good friends with DJ and Geoff by helping them with the challenges.

In Is This Some Kind of Joke? Katie was one of the first people to complete the challenge. In the confessional, she states that she won't get voted off. She says that she kind of regrets breaking up with being friends with Sadie and tries to make up again until she sees Sadie in her out fit and flips out. She was also digusted by Alan's ways of getting girls and said it was rude.

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