Screaming Students
TDA DIY Char Izzy
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated TDS: Guess Who's Coming Back?
Place TDS: 17th
Friends None?
Enemies Noah
Voice actor Aimers

Izzy labeled the stalker is competing on Total Drama School and is a member of the Screaming Students

In Meet Our Students Part 1, Izzy blows up the bus to show her craziness and later attacks Noah. She isn't seen much for the rest of the episode but is glad that Beth goes home when her team loses the challenge.

In Meet Our Students Part 2, Izzy attacks Noah and bites his arm like it is food. She only stops when LeShawna saves Noah by slapping her. Once again she stays pretty invisible in the episode after Eva drags Izzy off screen in rage.

In Is This Some Kind of Joke?, Izzy searches for Noah and finds him but falls out a window when Noah runs away. She later returns and continues to chew on Noah's arm. When she has to perform in the challenge, she tells a deranged version of Why did the chicken cross the road? and then went back to biting Noah's arm. Izzy did not vote with her team in the episode.

In Detention Day, Izzy walks into Noah, Ezekiel, and Alan's room in search of Noah. Noah hides under the bed and she almost finds him when Alan almost reveals his hiding spot. She jumps out the window when she cannot find Noah. She has trouble finding Noah all day and manages to find him and Trent at a smoothie bar. She is about to attack him when she is hit by a truck on the road. Later, a completly uninjured Izzy suprises Noah and tells him he missed the challenge.

In Not Quite 6Teen, Izzy is tied up by Noah and put in a bag. At the same time though, she is somehow at the challenge and commenting on the new couple. When an intern realizes this, he turns around and notices that Izzy has dissapeared. Later on, Noah throws the bag with Izzy in it into a hole and covers it up. However, Izzy somehow rises out of the ground like a ghost with a chainsaw and chases Noah everywhere, saying that she wants to chop him up and eat him.

In The Teams Report, Izzy reveals in a confessional that Bridgette is a huge threat because she made a secret alliance with Noah. She tries to hold this in but blurts it out to everyone. Izzy finds a story to report on but her team loses anyway. In the end, she helps engineer the blindside to Bridgette. She also reveals that she has something on her mind but she doesnt want to tell anyone.

In Our First Field Trip, izzy goes to the musuem and stays away from Noah for an unkwown reason. She spend her time in the How to kill a chicken area and finds some interesting facts that help her team win. Later in the episode, she notices that Noah is suspiciosly watching her but she strangly ignores him.....

in Suspense-sion, Izzy avoids Noah throughout the entire episode. She does not do the challenge for her team and hides in the confessional. When her team loses, she comes out to vote off Katie. She then decides to tell Noah what she was hiding the whole time but is cut off when Noah thinks that Izzy is trying to hurt him again.....

In Guess Who's Coming Back?, Izzy does not do the challenge and instead kidnaps Noah in order to tell him the truth. However, by the time that she is about to tell him, LeShawna drags her away and sends her and the rest of the Screaming Students to elimination for losing. Izzy is finnally eliminated when she along with some others vote for her. Afterwards, she reveals to Noah that LeShawna was going to vote him off next if she had continued to stalk him so she avoided him because she wants him to win. A grateful Noah hugs Izzy as she leaves the show.

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