Is This Some Kind of Joke? is the third episode of the first season of Total Drama School. Below is the episode's "script" - please add in your character's introduction and other actions. You may only control your characters, and others' with permission.

(Disclaimer; Theme Song)

(SCENE: Homeroom. The students are already awake and mingling.)

Cody: Ahhhh, another nice morning at this... abandon... school...

Izzy: Hey have you seen Noah? i need him for something.....

(Noah is hiding under a desk)

Trent: Oh Hey Noah!

Noah: augh noooooooooooo!!!

(izzy tries to attack him but goes through window)

Izzy: ahhhhhh

Cody: Wow Noah, you're in a lot of trouble there!

Noah: yea this has been happening since day one. She enjoys biting my arm a lot!

Lindsay: (CONF) You know i have a good idea for fixing this problem but Noah hasnt had time to hear it. i should probably tell him at some point!

Lindsay: Hey Noah? i wan-

Noah: Not know princess. i need to hide before crazy girl returns!

Heather: She wouldn't get anything, even if it was spelled out right to her face! Besides, I'm not even sure she can read.

(Harold walks up with an eye testing chart)

Harold: That's some serious business. Here Lindsay, stand there. Can you read the letters out loud for me?

Eva: Idiots.

Harold: I'm not an idiot, gosh!

Heather: Yes you are.

(Harold looks down)

Harold: I know.

(Chris walks in)

Chris: Welcome contestants. Today's competition is a joke off....or something.

Lindsay: yea i love jokes!

Noah: ummm can i tell mine now and run so Izz-

(Izzy jumps through window at him)

Izzy: gotcha! *nibbles his arm* mm chicken flavor

Noah: ummmm Chris?

Chris: nope, can't help you, now here's how the competition will work. All of you must think of one joke. The team with the best jokes wins. And you'll know if you have a good joke if it makes Noah laugh.

Owen: Ooh! I wanna make Noah laugh!

Chris: Then get working my friend.

Alan: Ooh, I got a ton of jokes! (starts thinking about which is funniest)

Ezekiel: Can I borrow one, eh?

(At the challenge. Lindsay starts.)

Lindsay: So why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other s- Ohhhhh nail polish!!!!

Chris: Okay then................I'll give you a 2 out of 10...NEXT!!

Cody: Knock knock?

Chris: Who's there?

Cody: Atch!

Chris: Atch who?

Cody: Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you had a cold!

Chris: Badd........but better than lindsay. 3 stars! NEXT

Ezekiel: (walks out) Two guys walk into a bar. One says OUCH... okay, that was lame, eh. So, uh, y'know in Illinois down in America, it's illegal to speak English? You gotta speak American, eh!

Chris: FAIL two stars Next

LeShawna: that Lindsay is an idiot (leaves)

Chris: bigger FAIL negative five stars!

Alan: Lindsay's not an idiot, she's just... mentally deficient... uhhh, well I don't know many clean ones... uhh, what do you get when a cow's in an earthquake? A milkshake!

Chris: your first joke was better,

Bridgette: my joke is... Justin is hot...

Chris: how is that a joke?

Courtney: It's not a joke, Chris, it's a FACT.

Justin: shut up bossy princess!!! (refering to the princess pride)

Justin: (in conf) That little bossy pussycat is going down!!!! It will be aranged! Today! Iove being manipulative...