Highway To Hell
Season 1, Episode 13
Challenge Make a picture of your character in hell
Reward(s) Team Invincibility
Winner(s) Screaming Students
Eliminated Duncan (Fake Elimination)
Episode Guide
"The Aftermath II"
"The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round..."

Highway To Hell is the thirteenth episode of Total Drama School's first season.


This week, Chris has the most shocking challenge yet pulled out - the kids are going to Hell, literally! The temporary new location brings out Ezekiel's antagonistic side as the teams scramble to get new pictures of themselves in Hell - but who's going home this week?


  • This is the second episode of Total Drama School to be rated TV-14 instead of TV-PG due to the frequent use of the word "Hell" (the first being "Suspense-sion" due to "nudity")
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