Screaming Fans
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship Heather(possibly)
Family Mother, Father, Sister,
Friends Bridgette, Heather, Karl, Alan, Harold, Eva
Enemies Justin, Alejandro, LeShawna
Fear Ghosts, heights
Talent Singing, Manipulating, Convincing an Audience, Debating
Nicknames George, Gerald, Germany(called so by Lindsay)
Voice actor User:Sunslicer2
Gerry labeled the "Anti-Hero" is a contestant in Total Drama Fans VS. Favorites on the Screaming Fans.


Gerry is just a a regular boy from Jersey, though he does not know Karl, or at least has seen him, but didn't know his name. His parents own a business, resulting in him getting everything he wants. His parents want him to grow up and own the business, but he'd rather learn Latin and travel the world, in hopes of dominating it. And even though he may seem like someone who would be dumb, he's not. He's actually very intelligent, but chooses to use it for evil. One of his famous feats is tricking a chess master in middle school, stopping him from competing. Of course, the only time Gerry practices these skills is when he needs to, which is most of the time for him. Besides, it's his favorite hobby. He joined TDFVSF to show off his intelligence, and maybe break some hearts along the way.



  • He is a cross between a nerd and a king bee, which would make him the first antagonist to be so.
  • Gerry isn't his real name, just his nickname, but no one knows his real name.
  • No one can remember his name.
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