Killer Teachers
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated TDS:
Place TDS: 10th
Relationship None
Family Mother (name unknown), Father (name unknown), Four Brothers (names unknown)
Friends Everyone (Except Alejandro)
Enemies Alejandro
Fear TBA
Talent Skateboarding, Partying, Making Friends
Nicknames Geoffy (Called by Katie and DJ)
Voice actor Duncanjustin

Geoff labeled " The Football Player " of the group. He is very cautious about what he does during school. He wants to do the best he can to win the game.

Total Drama SchoolEdit

In the first episode Meet Our Students Part 1, Geoff completed the challenge with ease. He said he like the color lue, loved to eat Buffalo Wings, and loved to drink Gatorade. He quickly bonded with DJ and Katie. They talked and laughed about everything. Then he bonded with Noah, Gwen and Cody. Those are Geoff's best friends during school. Him , DJ and Katie voted out Beth who eventually went home!

Then in Meet Our Students Part 2, Geoff found a video of his memories that his Mom packed him in his suitcase. Luckily, that was the challenge, getting a video of yourself. Also his friends all easily made their video's. Geoff was the wingman to DJ in this episode when he asked Katie out. Geoff said in the confessional that they would make a cute couple. He was scared to see if he was eliminated, turns out he didn't get a single vote. He was happy when Alejandro was eliminated because he could've interfered with Katie and DJ's relationship.

In Is This Some Kind of Joke? Geoff made an alliance between hiself, Katie and DJ. He was so happy to find out the challenge, it was telling jokes. Geoff loves telling jokes, the joke he told to Chris was Knock Knock, Who's there? You. You Who? You know the Chocolate Milk.... Hahahaha. He was so happy when his team won! Although he was scared if Katie would get eliminated. He didn't really care that Courtney was Eliminated.

In Detention Day, Geoff had to dressup in an outfit that he would wear, rather than his usual clothing. Geoff actually looked the same but he changed his hat, put a white undershirt underneath his jacket. Also he put on pants, he thought he looked weird with knee shorts. If Katie hadn't helped him and DJ they wouldn't have completed the challenge. It is a good thing they have Katie as a friend. Geoff and his alliance was happy that 2 people went home so they were that much closer to the merge

In Not Quite 6Teen Geoff had to dressup as if he were old. Katie helped him once again on this challenge to look like a grandpa. He changed his hat to a gray stripe and his jacket to dark gray. His pants were gray to, and he put a frown on his face to make it seem like he was dead. Everybody laughed when they called him Grandpa Geoffy because it was funny.


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