Killer Teachers
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TDS=Not Quite 6Teen
Place TDS=22nd
Family Ezekiel,Cody,Duncan,Duncon
Friends Cody,Ezekiel,Russel,Lindsay,Bridgette
Enemies Chris,Nikeze,Katie,Sadie,Gwen,Courtney
Fear Bears
Talent Computers
Nicknames Ezekiel
Voice actor Zekeman4


In Meet Our Students Part 1 Ezekin trips off the bus and is kindly helped up by Cody.After he is up he Cody share a smile,which makes Lessur laugh,only for Russel to punch him in the face.Ezekin and Ezkiel H-5 when their team won invincability.

In Meet Our Students Part 2 he snaps at Chris about his team not winning.He was the bottom two in the elimination cememony,along with Alejandro.

In Is This Some Kind of Joke? his joke is,altough it wasn`t really a joke,"Umm,what did the wave say to the boat,ag?" "What?" "I don`t know,you tell me."Then,Nikeze says it`s a dumb joke.Ezekin was so angry that he kicked Nikeze in the grion.

In Detention Day Ezekin dresses up as Ezekiel by wearing his hat.Since Zeke`s hat was gone he looked like Ezekin.

In Not Quite 6Teen Ezekin fails to have a eledrly costume,duing to his elimination.



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