Killer Teachers
Killer Favorites
Ezekiel PickNose
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Gray
Episode Eliminated TDS: Unknown
Place TDS: Unknown
Relationship Bridgette (one-sided on his side; formerly)
Family Duncon (Cousin) Duncan (Cousin) Cody (Cousin)
Friends Heather, Harold, Lindsay, Justin
Enemies Alan, Alejandro, Eva
Fear Rejection, Girls, Eva
Talent Unknown
Nicknames Zeke, Home School, Hoser Boy
Voice actor JohnVMaster

Ezekiel, labeled the Home-Schooled Guy was a contestant in Total Drama School and member of the Killer Teachers. He returns in Total Drama Fans VS. Favorites and is on the Killer Favorites.


Ezekiel was home-schooled in a house on the prairie for much of his young life - his parents, both Home Economics teachers, wished for him to receive high education and only to be exposed to the finest people. When he was eight, he competed in the National Spelling Bee, and won, but insulted the runners-up - since then his parents have kept Ezekiel alone at hoe. Ezekiel knows eight different languages - English, Spanish, French, Latin, German, Russian, Japanese and Korean. His parents never left him out of their sight until around his sixteenth birthday, when the family doctor noted Ezekiel had a strong Vitamin D deficiency and recommended he go out into the world - his parents signed him up for Total Drama Island, and Ezekiel made a bad first impression and has since been stuck around the studio as he participates.

Total Drama SchoolEdit

In "Meet Our Students Part 1", Ezekiel steps off the bus confident he'll win this season, only to be knocked down by Alan, who apologizes. When Duncon arrives, Ezekiel at first does not recognize him but eventually remembers his cousin. Ezekiel is then placed on the Killer Teachers and is the last one to finish his profile, securing their team the win and sending the Screaming Students to the elimination ceremony.

In "Meet Our Students, Part 2", Ezekiel struggles to make his video due to limited resources as a result of him being eliminated early in the previous seasons. Although he does finish his video, the Killer Teachers lose and are sent to an elimination ceremony. He and Alejandro are the main choices for elimination, and although at first Ezekiel garners a majority vote, a few classmates change their votes, and a technicality (many voted 'Zeke' instead of 'Ezekiel') results in Alejandro going home. Ezekiel feels rejected regardless.

In "Is This Some Kind of Joke?", Ezekiel is nervous and convinced he'll lose the challenge but borrows two jokes from Alan and his team wins the challenge successfully. In "Detention Day", Ezekiel barely passes the challenge and his team ultimately wins, saving him from a possible elimination.

In "Detention Day", Ezekiel helps Noah escape Izzy and covers for him, but she's able to spot Noah. He has an alternate costume for the challenge and his team is successful. He's wary later when Alan tells him secretly that he's joined an alliance.

In "Not Quite 6Teen", Ezekiel and Alan are skeptical of Noah's plan to get rid of Izzy, and Ezekiel stops Alan before he can ask if Lindsay is single. They both dress up as senior citizens and pass the challenge successfully, using similar makeup jobs. Later, Ezekiel feels bad for his cousin Cody after Gwen is eliminated.

During the news report challenge in "The Teams Report", Ezekiel has a tough time coming up with a story, but does end up doing a real story. Ezekiel's team wins and is treated to a school lunch from Chef, but he warns Alan after the Screaming Students' ceremony to be careful with his alliance, warning him the others could easily turn on him.

At the Museum in "Our First Field Trip", Ezekiel is a bit jealous of Alan's historical knowledge, and is unable to come up with any facts, refusing to ask Alan for help again. His team loses for the first time since the second episode and he agrees to vote off Tyler as part of his debt to Heather.

In "Suspense-sion", Ezekiel is angry to discover the content of the challenge and accuses Chris of trying to objectify women, more so due to hoping to repair his image than anything else, leading into an argument with Alan, causing their friendship to become a conflict in Ezekiel's eyes. By the end of the episode, Ezekiel has grown to have a strong dislike of Alan and admits he's ready to vote Alan off as soon as the Heather says so.

In "Guess Who's Coming Back?", Ezekiel is torn on who to vote for - Bridgette due to his faded crush on her or Gwen due to her being his cousin Cody's girlfriend. Alan convinces him to vote for Gwen, noting family comes first and pointing out Ezekiel doesn't even like Bridgette anymore, so he makes an image for Gwen to return.

During "Duncan's A Deadman", Ezekiel successfully fakes his death and wins the challenge, In the confessional he mentions growing wary of Alan, who's beginning to annoy him increasingly, noting he doesn't get that Ezekiel doesn't care about him anymore.

In "Highway To Hell", Ezekiel begins to exhibit antagonistic tendencies, explaining in the confessional he's using alan to his advantage to keep him on his good side so Alan will keep helping him with challenges, hoping he can keep Alan in for an easy elimination later after getting rid of the competition. He lets Alan into his picture.

In "The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round...", Alan bothers Ezekiel about asking certain girls out, endlessly, on the bus, optimistic about the possible location. Ezekiel angrily yells at him near the end and telling him he won't end up with any girl ever due to his pervertedness, leaving Alan shocked. He votes off Duncon at the end.

In "My Duncan Ate My Homework", Ezekiel does not do much, but does worry about Duncan. His presence is felt due to Alan's behavior on the Screaming Students in reaction to the previous episode and his quieter demeanor when not in the Sherlock Holmes guise. He votes off Duncan several times.

Total Drama Fans VS. FavoritesEdit


  • Ezekiel is afraid of rejection from his fellow 'classmates', particularly now being in a school setting.
  • Ezekiel no longer listens to his parents due to them indirectly causing his elimination in the first season.
    • Ezekiel also has a heightened respect for girls as a result, if more so out of fear.
  • Ezekiel becomes somewhat of an antagonist midway through the first season, ironic given his friendship with Heather.


  • Ezekiel: Whoo! This is gonna be my season, I just know it! (something trips him down.)

Alan: Sorry dude.

  • Ezekiel: When haven't they served mush, eh?
  • Ezekiel: (Confessional) I doon't like this challenge, eh. It objectifies girls. (whispering) I doon't wanna get beat up again, yo!
  • Ezekiel: (shouting at Alan) Will you shut up! There's no girls left, can't you understand that? Lindsay is with Tyler, Gwen is with Cody, Heather is probably still after Alejandro or something, Eva is with... well God knows who, but probably somebody knowing your luck, and Sadie is... probably with someone else too! You're such a mindless heartless pervert, I'm not surprised the girls here are too smart to date you!


Total Drama School

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