Cole labeled the Athletic Party Guy is a Student on Total Drama Fans VS. Favorites. He is a member of the Screaming Fans.

Screaming Fans
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TDFvsF:TBA
Place TDFvsF:TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Danny (Brother), Mother, Sister Anna, Father, Cousin
Friends Everyone (Except enemies)
Enemies TBA
Fear Big Insects, Eva
Talent Playing sports, pulling pranks, singing, writing essays
Nicknames Kyle, (Called by Lindsay), Bro, MV me, Amigo (Called by Danny)
Voice actor Duncanjustin


Cole is an averege 16-year old kid who loves to play sports and hangout with his brother, Danny. Except that he has the sports skills of a pro athlete! He LOVES playing pranks on people and I mean LOVES! Just like his brother, Danny. They get along very well and love playing 1 on 1 basketball and almost doing everything together. Oh and another thing Cole LOVES doing is partying! Once he threw a party at his friend's birthday! Cole has alot of energy and loves to run. He is the fastest kid in his class! Yep, Cole is one tough kid. Not to mention he gets good grades. But one thing Cole can't stand is party poopers. Once, someone forgot to bring chips to his party, and he made him go all the way to the other side of town to get the bag. He and Danny get along very well and can easily make lots of friends. When hes not partying or chillin' with his bro, he looks for a way to end his boredom- like signing up for Total Drama Fans VS. Favorites, and who knows, he might even get a girlfriend, or win the million and throw THE BEST PARTY EVER!!!

Total Drama Fans VS. FavoritesEdit

Audition TapeEdit

Danny turns the camera on and Cole is seen partying with all his friends. He pretends like he didn't know the camera was on and says: "Oops, didn't see you there". He starts off by saying all the things he is good at and loves doing. He also states some of his grades. Later, Danny gets in because his sister "ruined" his audition, so he tries to do his with Cole's. Cole says that he is not allowed to share the audition and that his sister did "amazingly". He shoves Danny out of the camera view and with Danny holding back, he steps back a little and breaks his mom's luck vase. His mom asks what that noise was. Danny tells him he's dead and Cole grabs the camera and turns it off.


  • He is one of the six newbies.
  • The six other being: Bryan, Danny, Gerry, Jackson, and Karl.
  • He is the only student to "share" an audition.


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