The Cody-Gwen Relationship is the relationship between Cody and Gwen.


Cody has a huge crush on Gwen. While he's been a good friend to Gwen, she never liked him the way he did. Gwen originally saw Cody as an annoying younger brother. It is worth mentioning that since Cody has been so understanding over the matter. Cody has asked Gwen out a couple of times during Total Drama School, but she always says no. Until one day she finally says yes to Cody, starting a new relationship.

Total Drama SchoolEdit

Meet Our Students Part 1Edit

After Gwen stumbles out of the bus, Cody has no response oddly.

Is This Some Kind of Joke?Edit

Cody is the first person to get up in the morning. When Gwen gets up he quickly asks her out. She says no and continues walking to the cafeteria.

Cody asking Gwen out.

Detention DayEdit

When Gwen is in her different outfit, Cody says that she looks good in a tan. She responds by smiling back. Later, when Owen has his different outfit on, it looked just like Gwen's original clothes. When Cody saw him, he laughed.

Not Quite 6TeenEdit

Once again, Cody asked Gwen out and surprisingly, she said yes! Cody was very excited! And he was glad that Sierra was gone so she wouldn't get in the way. After the challenge, they both went into the bedroom and made out. Cody sneaked into the elimination room. When he saw that Gwen went home, he was very sad.
Cody and Gwen

Cody and Gwen make out.

The Aftermath IEdit

Cody and Gwen's relationship was mentioned during the aftermath. Blaineley asked why Gwen decided to start going out with Cody. She answered, "Because he was so nice to me last season." There were also pics shown during the aftermath, one of them was Cody and Gwen making out. When everybody else saw it, she blushed.

The Teams ReportEdit

Cody was very sad about Gwen's elimination. Especially because his relationship had just begun! Cody did the challenge, but after that, he just sat around, bummed about Gwen's elimination.

Our First Field TripEdit

Cody sort of got over Gwen's elimination, but he still missed her.


Cody didn't mention Gwen at all during this episode.

Guess Who's Coming Back?Edit

Cody was very excited when Gwen came back. Cody didn't care that she was placed on the opposite team. Both Gwen and Cody were happy.

Cody and Gwen glare at each other.

Duncan's A DeadmanEdit

Gwen and Cody spent a lot of time together. The only time they weren't seen together was during the challenge. After the challenge, they both spend the day together.

Cody and Gwen spend the night together.

Highway To HellEdit

They didn't interact a lot in the episode, but they were both worried about each other when they were dumped in "hell".


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