Killer Teachers
Killer Favorites
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated TDS:TBA
Relationship Gwen
Family Duncan (Cousin), Duncon (Cousin), Ezekiel (Cousin)
Friends Everybody
Fear Defusing a time bomb under pressure.
Nicknames Codester, Codemeister
Voice actor Codyfan9000

Cody labeled the "The 'A' Student" is a student on Total Drama School. He is a member of the Killer Teachers. He returned to Total Drama Fans VS. Favorites and is on the Favorites.


Cody's an only child from the suburbs who has been spoiled all of his life. While his ample allowance easily buys him every trend-setting, techno-gadget, teen-savvy accessory required to be on the "cutting edge of cool", he cannot buy the personality required to back it up. Despite spending most of his time in the local mall (since that's the best place to study teens in the thros of "being cool") none of its helped his cause. Unfortunately, Cody doesn't know any of this. He thinks of himself as the coolest-kid-in-all-of-the-burbs (his words). At his prep school, Upper Crust College, he is considered pretty cool (but that's only in a select group of guys who belong to the Albert Einstein Fan Club- i.e. all geekier than Cody.) So while he brags about knowing the "cool code" (he doesn't) and has devoted his whole life to studying it and mastering it (not really) and totally scores it with the ladies (all myth and no legend), his real strengths are in the maths and sciences, which isn't exactly your typical "cool kid" skill set. Cody's confident he can "swing" with the cool kids at Total Drama Island (his words, clearly!) His only concern: whether the cafeteria will be providing the four essential food groups. Just to be safe, he's bringing a doctor's note, because it's hard to be cool while you worry about the hypoglycemic index in your diet. One day he will be cool, when he starts his own tech support firm and makes millions off the kids who peaked in high school (and slept through computer studies). Maybe.

Total Drama SchoolEdit

In Meet Our Students Part 1, he came out of the school bus after Owen. He was shocked to see that his cousin was competing. He was later put on the Killer Teachers. During the first part of the challenge, he said his favorite food is candy, his favorite drink is apple juice, and his favorite color is tan.

In Meet Our Students Part 2, he made a video of his best moments on Total Drama Island. Although his team lost, he felt perfectly safe. When he learned that both teams get to vote, he voted out Alejandro, resulting in his elimination.

In Is This Some Kind of Joke?, he was one of the first students to wake up in the morning. When Gwen got up, he asked if she wanted to go get a drink together. She said no. During the third challenge, his joke was, "Knock Knock... Who's There? Atch... Atch Who? Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you had a cold." After his team won the challenge, he worried about Gwen getting voted off at the elimination ceremony. When he heard that she wasn't voted off, he was relieved.

In Detention Day, he got up and hung out with Owen in the morning. Later he was introduced to the challenge. When he heard that they had to change their outfit, he quickly got started on that. Later, he got his new outfit on, purple clothes, red shoes, and way darker skin. Most people laughed at his outfit, but he didn't care. When he saw Gwen with her new costume on, part of her hair red and she got a tan, he said that she looked nice in a tan. When he saw that Owen tried to look exactly like Gwen, he laughed.

In Not Quite 6Teen, he quickly got up in the morning and asked Gwen out, surprisingly, she said yes! Cody was very happy, but he decided not to tell anyone. During the fifth challenge, Cody colored his hair grey and put on a fake mustache to make him look old. After finishing the challenge, the greatest thing happened to Cody, he made out with Gwen. When the Screaming Students went to the elimination ceremony, he was afraid that Gwen might go home. He sneaked into the elimination ceremony and saw who went home. After he saw that Gwen went home, he was very sad.

In The Teams Report, the morning wasn't the same for Cody because Gwen wasn't there. He was bummed because his relationship had just started! During the challenge, he posted a report about Joey Chestnut, also known as "Jaws", being kinged the king of burritos for eating 47 in ten minutes. After that he didn't do much. He just sat in his bedroom, sad that Gwen was gone.

In Our First Field Trip, Cody woke up in a normal mood. He sort of got over the elimination of Gwen, but he still missed her. Cody was no where to be seen during the challenge. A lot of the Killer Models weren't there for the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, Cody appeared with the other contestants. He voted out Tyler resulting in his elimination.

In Suspense-sion, Gwen wasn't mentioned for the whole episode. Not much action was done by Cody. When Cody learned that they had to strip down to their underwear, Cody didn't want to! Cody was forced to strip down, winning it for his team. At the elimination ceremony, Cody made an agreement with Sadie that they would vote out Katie. No votes were placed against Cody and Katie was sent to the principal's office.

In Guess Who's Coming Back?, Cody was happy that Gwen came back. He didn't care that she was placed on the Screaming Students. When his team won, he hoped that Gwen wouldn't be sent to the principal's office. He didn't sneak into the elimination ceremony because he knew she wouldn't be eliminated. And she wasn't!

In Duncan's A Deadman, Cody had no problem doing the challenge. He's great at special effects. When he saw the Gwen was worried about the fake Duncan that Chris had, he got a little mad. After the challenge, Cody spent the rest of the day with Gwen. His team lost taking him to the elimination ceremony. Only one vote was placed against him. He voted out Trent and he went to the principal's office.

In Highway To Hell, when he woke up he was in a place that looked like hell! Cody couldn't find the others and he was worried about Gwen. He voted out his cousin Duncon, because he was becoming a bit off a jerk. When he learned it was a fake elimination, he was kind of ticked off.

In The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round..., him and Gwen got on the school bus to the unknown destination. Cody was not seen a lot during the episode. At the elimination ceremony he voted off Duncon once again. Once he was voted off, he was very happy.



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