Screaming Students
Screaming Fans
Gender Male
Hair color Dirty Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated TDS: TBA
Place TDS: TBA
Relationship Unknown; Most females (one-sided on his side)
Family Unknown
Friends Heather, Justin, Harold, Cody
Enemies Ezekiel
Fear Unknown
Talent Historical Facts; Movie Makeup
Nicknames Al (Ezekiel)
Voice actor JohnVMaster

Alan, labeled The Pervert was a contestant on Total Drama School and was placed on the Screaming Students. He returns in Total Drama Fans VS. Favorites on the Screaming Fans.


Alan was born in the United States to a well-off family, but when he was eight years old, his father lost his job and they became poor - Alan's Uncle pulled some strings to get his father a job up in Canada and they moved there for a fresh start. His mother became a waitress and his father a mechanic, but Alan was alienated at his new school and fell into denial, still convinced he's cool. Deep down, beneath the confidence and arguably intelligence, Alan is lonely - he's intensely loyal to those he considers friends, and also pursues girls as often as possible, even when it's clear they don't like him. This annoys most girls to no end.

Total Drama School

In "Meet Our Students Part 1", Alan accidentally trips Ezekiel. The two form an early friendship, although the other classmates form a dislike of Alan. Alan is disappointed to discover most girls at TDS are taken. He placed on the Screaming Students and is among the last to finish his profile. At the elimination ceremony, he is divided but ultimately votes off Beth.

During the next episode, Alan is unable to make a video due to being a new contestant and begs Chris to let Ezekiel's video count for him and as a result Alan's video is the last completed, securing a win for the Screaming Students and sending the Killer Teachers to an elimination ceremony, unintentionally nearly causing Ezekiel to be voted off. Alan's glad however that Ezekiel survives elimination and when Ezekiel tells him Heather saved him, he tells Ezekiel he knew Heather wasn't so bad and apologizes.

In "Is This Some Kind of Joke?, Alan gloats he's a comedian and has plenty of jokes, and allows Ezekiel to borrow some, but his jokes fall somewhat flat, but he still manages to do well in the challenge and escape elimination. He quickly votes off Courtney with glee, noting that although she's attractive, her bossyness is annoying.

In "Detention Day", Alan almost spoils Noah's hiding place, but Ezekiel covers for Noah before questioning Izzy's obsession with Noah's arm. He passes the challenge with an alternate costume. He later joins Eva's Alliance to escape elimination, the only member of the alliance not having been bullied into it, and helps vote off Owen.

In "Not Quite 6Teen", Ezekiel and Alan are skeptical of Noah's plan to get rid of Izzy, and Ezekiel stops Alan before he can ask if Lindsay is single. They both dress up as senior citizens and pass the challenge successfully, using similar makeup jobs. Eva's Alliance forces Alan to vote off Gwen, which he feels some guilt for.

During the news report challenge in "The Teams Report", Alan is able to come up with a news story and does fair in the challenge, but his story isn't quite sensational. His team again goes to an elimination ceremony and Eva's Alliance forces him to reluctantly vote off Bridgette. He does wonder if being in the alliance is the right thing, but decides he can redeem himself if he wins. He also joins Justin's Alliance and gains a perfume from Justin to smell good and win over the ladies.

At the museum in "Our First Field Trip", Alan actually excels at the challenge, easily able to recall facts about history, and helps his team finally win a challenge for the first time since the second episode. He worries a bit about Ezekiel at the elimination ceremony, but ultimately Tyler is voted off instead.

In "Suspense-sion", Alan is excited to see the girls in their underwear and argues with Ezekiel over the issue, claiming the objectification of women is irrelevant because nobody freaks out over men in shorts. At the end of the episode he believes they are friends again and is unaware Ezekiel is already planning for Alan's elimination.

During "Guess Who's Coming Back?", Alan is conflicted, noting both Gwen and Bridgette are taken, and also both pretty kind. He leans for Bridgette due to her attractiveness, but picks Gwen due to her relationship with Cody, remembering Cody is Ezekiel's cousin. Ezekiel takes his advice, but still shows little liking for his former friend.

In "Duncan's A Deadman", Alan does his makeup job and offers Ezekiel help, but Ezekiel says he can take care of it himself and does so. Alan seems a bit rocked but is still convinced he and Ezekiel remain friends.

Over the course of "Highway To Hell" he fails to realize he's being manipulated by Ezekiel when he gets into his picture and sees it as part of their friendship while Ezekiel admits in the confessional it's all part of his plan.

In "The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round...", Alan bothers Ezekiel about asking certain girls out, endlessly, on the bus, optimistic about the possible location. Ezekiel angrily yells at him near the end and telling him he won't end up with any girl ever due to his pervertedness, leaving Alan shocked.

As a result of Ezekiel's outburst in the previous episode, Alan is quiet for the opening of "My Duncan Ate My Homework" and does not speak until he adopts his Sherlock Holmes guise, during which he acts closely to the famous detective, but ends up giving Harold charge of the group. He does not flirt with Gwen, Eva or Sadie at all, and does not speak after he puts away the Holmes guise outside of a confessional.

Total Drama Fans VS. Favorites


  • Alan: (confessional; after being told most girls are taken) Crap crap (two bleeps) Son of a (beep)! ("Meet Our Students Part 1")
  • Alan: (after Eva yells at Ezekiel) What's she talking about? Girls are awesome. ("Meet Our Students Part 1")
  • Alan: (meeting [[Heather) Alan Brooks, pleasure to meet you ("Meet Our Students Part 1")
  • Alan: (referring to Noah) Yeah, he probably doesn't even taste that good! ("Meet Our Students Part 2")
  • Alan: Lindsay's not an idiot, she's just... mentally deficient... ("Is This Some Kind of Joke?")
  • Alan: Uhhh, well I don't know many clean ones... uhh, what do you get when a cow's in an earthquake? A milkshake! ("Is This Some Kind of Joke?")
  • Alan: I bet I still look great as a old dude (laughs) ("Not Quite 6Teen")
  • Alan: (Confessional) You know I feel bad voting so many people off for the alliance, you know, maybe I'm being unfair. I mean sure I might get eliminated, but a lot of the cool people are gone... ("The Teams Report")
  • Alan: Did someone say girls? ("The Teams Report")
  • Alan: (confessional) Justin is my new God. ("The Teams Report")
  • Alan: Wait, we're wearing underwear... we get to see chicks in their underwear!? Heck Yeah! Now THIS is more like what I signed up for! ("Suspense-Sion")
  • Alan: (confessional; staring at camera with jaw dropped) ("The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round...")
  • Alan: (dressed like Sherlock Holmes; fake British accent) I know what I'm doing! ("My Duncan Ate My Homework")
  • Alan: (As Holmes still; accent) It was DUNCAN? Seriously? (rolls eyes) Shoulda seen that coming... ("My Duncan Ate My Homework")
  • Alan: (confessional) I don't know what to do anymore... Ezekiel was my only real friend I guess... well I guess Harold's kind of my friend... and Eva hasn't beat me up yet... and Heather seems sorta nice... still, I think I'm next. ("My Duncan Ate My Homework")


  • Alan, along with Duncon, are the only new contestants in the first season.
  • In contrast to Ezekiel's fear of girls, Alan is blind to girls' manipulation.
  • Alan is the only competitor not suspicious of Heather's intentions in the game.
  • Alan is the most manipulated of the contestants, being manipulated into Justin's Alliance, Eva's Alliance and also into Ezekiel's Alliance.


Total Drama School

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